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Your felt experience IS your life. It’s everything to you. It’s quality is priceless.


Loss, Grief & Life-Transitions Coach Author

We don’t know what to do about our losses, or how to make sense of the painful events of our lives. In fact, we can become so disabled by what’s happened to us, that we lose our Selves.

I help you to reclaim your Life and Self no matter how Life and circumstances may have reduced or drained you — so that you can live a fulfilled and empowered life, infused with precious and irreplaceable experiences like peace, connection, creation and contribution, and can make your unique contribution in the world.

Reclaim your Self, your power, your joy and your freedom.

Are you feeling disconnected from your once clear and confident self?

As we process our experience of our life events, often we struggle to make sense of what’s happened to us — particularly when we’ve experienced some kind of loss or disappointment, and it’s been painful.  We may feel we’ve lost control, and that we have no power — and we lose the sense of feeling safe. 

We’re shaped by our experience. 

We wonder, who am I in the face of this?  We allow it to define Who we are.  We conclude ‘I’m not enough’ — and then  — ‘this is Who I am’

We lose a part of ourselves. We become disconnected from Who we are. We lose our sense of possibility and of hope.  We become reduced. 

This I(dentity) is then who we show up as — for ourselves, for others, as citizens, and as part of the species.

Ultimately it is our Self that is living a life of experience—that hurts or is joyful. It is the Self that creates, that generates for good and bad, that is influential and powerful/powerless.

It is therefore the Self that must be healed.

How much of your Identity has been woven by your wounds?  And in what ways?  Are you vibrant and resilient, or fragile and down?

Watch my video for insights into how we’ve “bought a story” about Life and Who We Are in it, and find out how you can become more resilient, empowered and happy.

Turn the ‘paige’ on loss, grief and disempowerment.

Reclaim, Empower and Direct your Self


It is through your Self that you create your existence and experience  on this plane. I help you process what happened, what it means to you, how to grow from it, and how to define and refine your Self as you go forwards into your next act.

  • Grief Counselling
  • One to One Coaching for Personal Transformation
  • Mentorship

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  • Make sense of the massive changes in the world bringing millions of people into anxiety, grief and depression.
  • Gain new insights into how Life works for Humans, and your unique power in it.
  • Engage purposefully with your own incredible capacities and reconnect with true Possibility.
  • Discover how to truly thrive in your life.
  • Reclaim a sense of hope and peace.

I help you identify and develop all that you need to BE and DO to thrive in a crafted Life you love….

What they say…


“Petra, you have such a great gift in enabling others to gently open their perspective and breath fresh air and hope into stale situations.  Thank you so much for sharing that gift with me. “


“Petra is an empathetic, instinctive and insightful coach whose honesty and passion for my potential gave me  amazing insights and ideas, enabling me to reach for and achieve what I’d never dared believe possible before.”


“Petra inspires confidence by recognising strengths and planning around personal pitfalls.  She goes with the tide of change without missing a beat, changing tack to meet new conditions, never losing impetus and encouragement.  She is always reassuring and driven by her belief in the infinitely possible to motivate and inspire me.”


“Thank you so much. You’ve helped me to reframe my world view, and my limiting ideas about myself and sense of what’s possible. I feel a peace I haven’t felt in years! I am so clear now about what I really want and need in my life, and what I have to do to bring it on.”